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My merch order arrived, but something is damaged or missing

In the rare event that you receive a custom merchandise order for items like a shirt, postcards, or a Slam Down card game, and something is wrong, including: * Missing item(s) from an order * Damaged item(s) * Printing issue [P][1][lease open a support ticket][2] or email [[email protected] ][3]with: …

My order was canceled due to offensive or inappropriate content. What does that mean?

We work with a third-party printing and fulfillment service to print and ship custom merchandise - including T-shirts, mugs and postcards. The service we use reserves the right not to print images or text that they determine to be offensive or inappropriate. We have worked with them to try to draw a reasonable line be…

Do you offer customer support over the phone?

Unfortunately, we are a small company and not able to offer phone support at this time. If your question isn't answered here in the Knowledge Base, please open a [support ticket via the form][1] or by emailing [[email protected]][2] and a real, live human will get back to you as promptly as possible. [1]: h…

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