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I received somebody else’s shirt (or other custom merch) in place of my own.

Sorry about that! About 1% of the time, two orders will be swapped for one another. Our vendors are packing very quickly to get orders out to you, and human error happens. If you have received a shirt you did not order, it was a mistake and you should contact us to correct it. Our vendor does not ship shirts other tha…

My merchandise order hasn't shown up, what now?

Our shipping is usually handled by a partnership between UPS and USPS (or the postal carrier in your country). The tracking number provided in your shipping notification will also work for tracking on the USPS or relevant site once the package is handed off, though there may be a short delay. If you received a trackin…

How long does merchandise take to arrive once it has been purchased?

Generally speaking, your order will arrive within 1-3 weeks if you live in the US, and 3-4 weeks if you live in another country.** **Some factors beyond our shipping agent's control, such as COVID-19, international shipping issues, and customs processing may cause delays. Because custom merch is made to order, and sin…

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