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I have a great idea for a Jackbox game, where do I send it?
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We love how enthusiastic our fans are! However, we cannot accept outside concepts for games, including ideas for sequels to our existing games, for legal reasons. If you send specific game ideas to us, they must be deleted immediately and will not be read. For example, you can request Word Spud 2, but we cannot read your specific ideas about gameplay or design for Word Spud 2. We do encourage our fans to check the jobs page for openings at Jackbox Games, as well as getting into game making on their own. There are many free tools and tutorials available, and the best person to make your idea is usually you!


If you have a specific feature request for an existing game, including feedback on existing features or accessibility needs, you may absolutely contact support with your feedback so that it can be shared with the team. We are very happy to hear feedback on improving player experience. Open a support ticket, or email [email protected] with your request.

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