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Which games allow me to order custom merchandise?
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You may have noticed the addition of "custom merch available" indicators to your Past Games listing, with a little icon in the upper left of your game title indicating what type of merch is available! This icon means that you can purchase your very own memento of the game you've just played. Also, any purchasing options will appear in your post-game gallery as a little t-shirt shaped icon below individual content. However, if you'd like to see an overview of all the currently available custom merch by game, here it is!


  • TeeK.O. (The Jackbox Party Pack 3): t-shirts of in-game designs
  • Civic Doodle (The Jackbox Party Pack 4): postcards of final design
  • Patently Stupid (The Jackbox Party Pack 5): custom mugs of in-game inventions
  • Devils and the Details (The Jackbox Party Pack 7): mugs of game characters
  • Champ'd Up (The Jackbox Party Pack 7): t-shirts of champions; Slam Down card deck of top champions
  • Job Job (The Jackbox Party Pack 8): t-shirts of compositions
  • Drawful 2 (standalone game): t-shirts of in-game designs


Please note that on very rare occasions, availability may vary temporarily based on our printer's stock. Also, it is not possible to customize game merch after ordering; the image you see in the post-game gallery is what is available to order. You can read more about custom merchandise in our support center articles, including How does Custom Merch work?

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