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How do preorders work?
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If you want to be among the very first to play the newest Jackbox Party Pack, placing a preorder is a great option! Currently, no preorders are open for The Jackbox Party Pack 9, so keep a close eye on our social media channels to make sure you're the first to know!


When will I receive my digital preorder?

When you preorder, you will receive your game code right away so you'll be ready to go on release! However, the game itself will not be active and available for play until release date, much like reserving a physical copy of a game at a store or preordering a book. It does remove any possible delays so that you'll be able to get playing the moment the newest Party Pack is released! You will also receive a special PDF instruction sheet specifically for preorders with more details.


Where can I preorder, and for which platforms?

Preorders are only available directly through our storefront and not on other platforms. Please note that game codes are not transferable across platforms; your preorder purchase is for a Steam code for PC/Mac/Linux desktop computers, and cannot be activated on consoles or other platforms. If you wish to order on a console or other platform, you will need to do so via the relevant marketplace.


What if I need a refund on a preorder?

Refunds work basically the same as with any game code purchase from us. You will have 2 weeks after the release date (not your purchase date) to request a refund. Your game code must not have been activated in order to receive a refund. You can read a more detailed general refund policy here.


If you have any further questions or concerns about preordering, or an existing preorder, please open a support ticket or email [email protected]

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