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What accessibility features are available in your games?
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Thanks to feedback from our wonderful players, we've been working to continually improve accessibility in our games. This article covers some specific accessibility features for various needs which were implemented starting with The Jackbox Party Pack 6. If you are looking for information specifically on screen reader compatibility, we have a separate article on that here: Which games or packs work best with screen readers?


We've also been working to ensure the controller itself is as accessible as possible. In general, if you have accessibility issues related to the controller, it is probably a bug. Please open a support ticket with us or email [email protected] and we will make sure it's looked into!


The Jackbox Party Pack 8 and The Jackbox Party Pack 9


All games in The Jackbox Party Pack 8 and The Jackbox Party Pack 9 include subtitles which can be toggled on either from the Pack's main page settings, or from the individual game's Settings menu. As in previous packs, you can also adjust music, sound effects, host voice over, and the main volume via the Audio settings tab. In Pack 8 and 9, these settings can be altered even after creating a room!

Settings menu in Drawful Animate. Subtitles is 1st under Accessibility, toggled on in green.


Motion Sensitivity

For users who may have a better gameplay experience with decreased movement in game animation, all games in Pack 8 can have the Motion Sensitivity setting toggled on or off, from the individual game's settings or via the main picker screen Settings menu to set options pack-wide.

Settings menu of The Poll Mine, Accessibiity selected. Motion Sensitivity is 2nd option, toggled on in green.



Read Room Code

Every game in Pack 8 has the option to read the room code aloud once a room is created. You will see this option on the lobby screen once you've hit "Play" on your game.

Room code in big white letters, black box with white arrow below which says "read room code"


The Jackbox Party Pack 7


Settings on both the main game picker menu and the individual games allow you to adjust music, sound effects, host voice-over, and the main volume to control your gameplay experience. This feature is available in the majority of our older games as well. To access features like Subtitles, simply open the game you wish to play, then select "Settings" to toggle them on or off.



We received some great feedback about subtitles in The Jackbox Party Pack 6. You can enable subtitles from the settings menu of every game in The Jackbox Party Pack 7.


Screencap of the Settings menu from The Devils and the Details. Subtitles are the 6th option down and are toggled to "on".


Motion Sensitivity

Some of our games have a lot of moving parts. For this reason, we’ve included a setting that you can toggle on to help with motion sensitivity. This feature is included in Quiplash 3, Champ’d Up, and Talking Points

Champ'd Up settings menu. Motion sensitivity is 6th option, in black to indicate it is selected. Settings menu for Quiplash 3. Motion sensitivity is highlighted in a darker color, and a checked box to indicate it's on.


Room Code Reading

All of the games in The Jackbox Party Pack 7 will read the room code out loud so that you don’t have to see it, or have the code read to you! In addition to this, Blather ‘Round will read a user’s submitted responses aloud.

Cropped screencap of Blather Round. Text "go to, enter room code RVGH" appears above code in large yellow letters.


Alt-Text Descriptions

All of the image slides found in Talking Points contain alt-text to help read off what is contained within the image. From your browser controller, inspect the image to find a description of the images you can choose from! 

A game interaction in Talking Points showing image selection next to computer code highlighted to show the image description.


The Jackbox Party Pack 6



Every game in Party Pack 6 can have subtitles enabled. Subtitles are available under the Settings menu for each individual game; simply start the game you wish to play, then select "Settings" to toggle on.


Settings menu for Role Models. Subtitiles is the 7th option down, below "max players" and is toggled off by default.


Other Games and Features


Some of our older games may be more accessible than others depending on your needs, but some settings not included here may also be very helpful. Extended timers, which can be enabled in nearly all games starting with The Jackbox Party Pack 2, aren't just for lag on streaming games - they can also help by providing players extra time to hear or read prompts and enter responses! In The Jackbox Party Pack 8, our games also have a No Timer option to remove all time pressure so you can play at your pace. Some games do not have the extended timers feature (such as Blather Round and Devils and the Details), but may have other useful settings. In The Devils and the Details, for example, difficulty of gameplay can be adjusted by changing the Grading Curve setting, so that players will not have to complete as many tasks to advance in the game.


We are very open to further feedback both on existing accessibility features in our games and possible improvements moving forward. We have a statement of Accessibility available in our site footer, or via direct link here: Statement of Accessibility. If you'd like to share feedback or request new features, please open a support ticket with us or email [email protected].

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