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My merch order arrived, but something is damaged or missing
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In the rare event that you receive a custom merchandise order for items like a shirt, postcards, or a Slam Down card game, and something is wrong, including:


  • Missing item(s) from an order
  • Damaged item(s)
  • Printing issue


Please open a support ticket or email [email protected] with:

  1. a description of the problem
  2. your order number if you have it
  3. a photo (in the case of missing items, please photograph what you did receive)


And we will help you get a replacement shipped. Our vendors will need pictures to initiate the replacement process, so if you can include one in your message, it will speed things up for you. If you've received an incorrect design (or designs), you may also wish to refer to this article on receiving an incorrect shirt; however, we will need the same information.


Please note that on some occasions with multiple items in a order, they may not ship together, even if they were ordered at the same time. Usually, multiple packages will have separate shipping notifications.


Note: if none of your items have arrived at all, please refer to this article on what to do if your order has not shown up.


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