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How do I get started playing Jackbox Games?
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Maybe you've heard about Jackbox Games but you've never played before, or you played with a friend, family member, or at an event, but want to get your own copy to play whenever you like. Even if you're not "a gamer", you can absolutely have fun playing Jackbox. This article will help you understand what Jackbox Games are, how to play them, and answer some frequent questions from new players! There is also a lot more information elsewhere in our Support Center and on our official Blog. If you're playing with someone else and just need to know how to get in the game, we have a Knowledge Base article just for that, too: How do I join a game?. This overview covers if you've purchased a game, or would like to, as well!


The person running the game needs:

  1. A copy of the Jackbox game you’d like to play, on a laptop, PC, or other compatible device to run it
  2. A group of friends to play with! You can read up on player counts here to help choose!
  3. A way everyone playing can see your screen; if you're not all in the same room, we have more information on remote play here.
  4. A phone or other internet capable device to use as a controller by entering the room code at
  5. To be ready to have a fun time with friends and family!


The people playing the game need:

  1. Any internet capable device like a mobile phone or computer to use as a controller, by entering the room code at
  2. Readiness to defeat their closest friends in some party games!


If you're still confused about how our games work, we have a How to Play article on our blog which includes an explanatory video, and a description of the steps!


I'm not a gamer or tech savvy, can you walk me through what I need to do to get playing? 

Yes! We work hard to make our games fun and easy to play, but we totally understand it can be daunting getting set up, and we have a blog article just for you here: A Guide to Jackbox Games for Tech and Gaming Novices.


What devices can run Jackbox Games?

A whole lot! If you want to buy a game to host for your friends or family, we have an article here about how to choose the platform that works for you. We sell codes through our website that can be used on PC, Mac, and Linux via the Steam game library application. For a controller, any mobile phone, tablet or other device with internet access will work. Please note that if you buy a Steam code from us, it will only work on the Steam application on a computer. You cannot use the code on, or transfer it to, any other marketplace or device. For instance, it cannot be used on your smart TV.


I played on my phone with a friend before. Isn't there a mobile app?

Jackbox Games are not a mobile app, and we do not offer or require one to play. As a player, you will use to access the controller for the game; it operates entirely in your browser, so you only need an internet-capable device like a mobile phone. However, if you're running the game, you must have a computer, console, SmartTV, or other compatible device on which to run it (see above for more help!). You cannot run the game itself solely on your phone.


Do I have to sign up for an account?

You do not need an account with us to play! You can put the username of your choice, and past games you've participated in will be accessible on the device you used to play, so that you can share on social media or purchase custom merchandise. We store this information via cookies, not via a sign in.


How many copies of the game do I need?

The person running the game only needs their copy; friends can play along with their controllers and do not also need a copy open. They will need to be able to see the game itself - whether that's on a TV in your house, or via a remote service with screensharing capabilities (again, you can see our guide to remote play here).


Once I buy the game, will I be charged every time I play? Is this a subscription?

Our games are one-time purchase, not a subscription service. Once you've purchased the game, you own it on the platform where you purchased. You will not be charged again every time you play. The only exception is if you are an Amazon Luna subscriber, which you can read more about here: How do I play Jackbox Games on Luna?


My friends/family are in different countries, can we still play together?

Yes! If you are playing remotely, anyone from anywhere in the world can play along with you. They just need an internet capable device to enter the room code at, and a way to see your screen.


What if I want to play with more people than are listed in the player count?

We're sorry, but the player counts are a requirement rather than a suggestion, for both technical and design reasons. However, if you have more players than can fit in one game, you still have options! The vast majority of our games support Audience, which allows others to play along, influence the outcome - or even win!


If this article doesn't answer your questions and you can't find the information you need elsewhere on the Knowledge Base, please open a support ticket or email [email protected]and we'll assist you!


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