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How does custom merch work?
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Many of our games - including Tee K.O., Drawful, and Devils & the Details - have an option in the post-game gallery to purchase custom merchandise based on the game you’ve just completed. You can read more about how to pull up your post-game gallery in this Knowledge Base article. Whether you select a t-shirt, mug, postcards, or other merch options, they are custom printed on demand just for you! When you purchase, your order is sent to our printing partner, who then passes it on to one of their printers depending on the item, their workload and your location. Your custom item(s) are generally put in production in about a day, and then will be shipped directly to you.


When you purchase ready-made designs from our merch shop, this process works the same way as custom merchandise.


You can also now buy custom-printed game decks with Champ'd Up: Slam Down. Our information on custom-printed merchandise applies to the card game, too!


Please refer to our Merchandise section of our Knowledge base for more information about how to purchase custom merchandise, how to make changes, and what to do in the unlikely event there’s a problem. Please note that with any custom merchandise, cancellations are not always possible; refer to our detailed information in this article: I bought Jackbox merchandise, but I want to cancel or change the order. What can I do? Also note that custom merch can only be printed as ordered, so your design will be made as it was in your game and cannot be modified or altered after the fact.

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