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How do I use the Audience Kit extension for Twitch?
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The Jackbox Audience Kit Twitch extension is specifically designed to improve your experience as either a Jackbox streamer OR an audience member playing along while watching. If a Twitch streamer is using our new extension, audience members can join and play along within the Twitch app itself (as opposed to opening up in a separate browser window and joining that way). Read on for information on how to set up and play with the extension, as a streamer or audience member.

How do I add the extension to my Twitch stream?

  • Go to your Stream Manager on Twitch and select Extensions in the left navigation.
  • Search for Jackbox Audience Kit to find the extension page.
Twitch Extensions with Jackbox Audience Kit page up, with a purple "Install" button in upper right over image of kit in use.
You can view all of these options live on your Twitch here.
  • Click Install.
  • Go to your My Extensions page and activate it as Overlay or Component.
My Extensions page, Audience Kit installed. Activate menu on the left options are: set as component, as overlay, or Uninstall
  • If you’ve activated as an Overlay, Jackbox Audience Kit will automatically activate when you change your category to Jackbox Party Packs.
  • For the best experience with the extension, we recommend using Overlay!
Pop up window shows current game, and game code in blue. Checkmark in a circle and "it worked" appear in green to right.


Once you’re live, you have two ways of connecting the extension to your game.

  1. Sign in to Twitch at Jackbox Kit will update your room code automatically every time you start a new game as long as you stay signed in.
  2. Manually enter your room code on the Live Config page in the Quick Actions panel on your Stream Manager. This can be helpful for those of you that host games and don’t play along. Just remember to update between games. 


When it’s the audience’s time to interact, your viewers can see their options right on your stream whether they’re on desktop or mobile — just tell them to look for the Jackbox icon, with no need to explain room codes!


How do I use the extension when watching a stream?

As a viewer, you do not need to do anything fancy to utilize the extension when watching your favorite streamers.

  • If the broadcaster is using the overlay, your voting options will show up automatically on screen when you can interact.
  • If they’re using the component, just click the Jackbox head in the extension sidebar to interact.
  • If you’re on mobile, click the Jackbox head above chat.

You can leave the audience at any time by clicking the exit icon in the corner. Rejoin anytime you’d like!


Which games are compatible?

Most of our recent games are already compatible with the extension, and we are working on more. For a full list of currently compatible games, please see this blog article. 


If you have questions or feedback on how we can improve this feature moving forward, please open a support ticket or email [email protected].

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