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How does Moderation work?
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Moderation is a game settings feature introduced with The Jackbox Party Pack 7. It allows human moderators to join your game and approve or reject content before it is shown on screen. We are hopeful this setting, along with the profanity filtering setting, will provide a little bit of extra safety when playing games with strangers.


Moderation is available for the following games in Pack 7:

  • Quiplash 3
  • Champ'd Up
  • Talking Points


And the following games in Pack 8:

  • Drawful Animate
  • Weapons Drawn
  • Job Job
  • The Wheel of Enormous Proportions (via a separate setting to turn off player-entered content, accessible normally via The Wheel's Settings)
  • (The Poll Mine does not have user-entered content)


And the following games in the Party Starter:

  • Quiplash 3
  • Tee K.O.
  • Trivia Murder Party 2


To enable Moderation, navigate to your game settings menu and toggle Moderation on.

Settings menu, Content Control (2nd item) highlighted white. Text below shows 3rd option, Moderation, highlighted with a numerical password and a green toggle in right "on" position.


Once toggled on, a password code will be generated (you'll want to hide this from the public if you're streaming). You can then tell your moderator(s) to go to and enter that password to join the game. As long as that setting is enabled when the game room is created, mods can join at any point during game play. Any user generated content will now go to your moderator(s) for review before being approved to appear in game. Rejected answers will either be replaced by game provided content or appear as "no answer", depending on the game.


For The Wheel of Enormous Proportions specifically, please use the Allow Player Written Responses toggle to prevent players writing questions to The Wheel as well as removing questions with typed answers. Manual moderation is not required for this game, so that your moderators do not have to be logged in during multiple choice questions.

White text on black, closeup of menu item reading Allow Player Written Responses. Switch shows green with white dot at right, toggled on.


If you have any feedback on moderation and how we can improve this feature moving forward, please open a support ticket or email [email protected].

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