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How does Profanity Filtering work?
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Profanity filtering is a game settings feature that rejects certain words or phrases when they are entered and gives the player that typed them an opportunity to enter something else. The purpose of this feature is to give users, especially streamers, more control over the language that is allowed in their games.


There are three modes to profanity filtering:

  • Off does not reject any content
  • Moderate (default) will reject derogatory and hateful language
  • Strict will reject derogatory and hateful language as well as profanity


We know this feature isn't going to be perfect, but hopefully it provides a little bit of safety when playing games with strangers. If you would like more oversight than profanity filtering provides, the moderation feature allows human moderators to approve or reject content before it is shown in the game. Some games which do not have profanity filtering do have moderation.


Profanity filtering is available in the following games:

  • The Jackbox Party Pack 7
  • The Jackbox Party Pack 8 (The Wheel of Enormous Proportions, Drawful Animate)
  • The Jackbox Party Starter (Quiplash 3, Tee K.O.)
  • The Jackbox Party Pack 9 (Fibbage 4, Roomerang, Nonsensory, Junktopia)


If there is a term or phrase that you feel should be added or removed from the list, or you have feedback on this feature, please create a support ticket or email [email protected] with your feedback and it will be considered. The following is criteria we use to evaluate changes to the profanity filtering lists:

  • Context matters in speech, but this system is unable to determine context. If a word or phrase can be used in both a benign or profane way depending on context, we will most likely not exclude it from play.
  • To be on the "moderate" list, a word must be used exclusively or almost exclusively as a derogatory term
  • Non-slang words that describe human anatomy are not considered profane
  • The strict word list generally aligns with what we consider family-friendly content.


Jackbox Games reserves the right to make exceptions to the above criteria or change them at any time.


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