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How to Install External Storage on the Amazon Fire TV Stick
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Our games support external storage on Amazon Fire TV devices. If you’re experiencing installation issues due to the storage limitations on your Fire Stick, you may want to consider the addition of external storage. Please note that this can only be achieved with the 2nd generation or newer Fire TV Sticks and the process for mounting and accessing external storage may vary per generation of Fire TV device.


What hardware do I need?

A simple USB thumb drive can be used, though it has been reported that not all types of USB drives are recognized by all Amazon Fire Sticks. You may need to try out a few different usb drives before you find one your firestick will recognize.


You will also need an OTG cord to allow both power and data to pass through the USB port into your firestick.

OTG cord link:


Now how do I move my game?

Once you’ve connected the external storage to your Fire TV Stick follow the steps listed below:

1.Navigate to Settings > Applications

Black screen with Applications (3 boxes and a plus sign) selected in yellow, to the left of Controllers & Bluetooth Devices.


2. Applications > Manage Installed Applications

Applications menu; second option, Managed Installed Applications, is selected in yellow with a light gray box.


3. Select the game you wish to move from the applications list and select “Move to SD Card”

Menu for game you wish to move; example is The Jackbox Party Pack 6. First option, "Move to SD Card", selected in yellow


For more information you can visit the link below.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 2 guide:

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