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What if I encounter trolls while playing Jackbox Games titles?
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We are always trying to figure out solutions and moderation tools that can help improve your streaming experience with our games. Our goal is to make it easy for people in your community to quickly grasp our games and start playing, without downloading an app or creating an account.


Unfortunately, that means we don’t have the ability to recognize who those people are. And without that information, building features that ban or kick players is uniquely challenging. In addition, there would be nothing stopping those players from creating new accounts under a different name and joining again.


We haven’t found the perfect solution, but we haven’t given up on the problem. We’re working to build more tools each year that empower you to have a good time streaming our games without trolls ruining your Jackbox experience. Some tools we’ve already created include:

  • Manual censoring
  • Passworded games
  • Requiring Twitch login
  • Player Limits


Here are a few blog posts that delve into these settings (which can be accessed in the settings menu of a game’s lobby before you start playing):


We hope to bring you even better tools to address trolling with future releases. If you have ideas for how we can continue to improve your streaming experience, we’d love to hear them. If you’re open to sharing, you can do so at this form. Thank you in advance for your feedback!

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