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Airplaying / Screen Mirroring from an iPad
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We are aware of a current issue on iPads running the newest iOS 16+ causing Airplay or connecting to a TV with a cable to dysfunction, showing only half the screen to one side. We are actively working with Apple to rectify this. In the meantime, you can try these workarounds that have resolved the issue for some players:

1) Launch the party pack first and then AirPlay (screen mirror) after the game is running.

2) If connecting using a USB-C to HDMI adapter, try unplugging the cord when you see the half screen, wait about 15 seconds before plugging it back in.

If you have an iPad running 
iPadOS 15 you will not have this issue! 

These steps will show how to air-play from an iPad to an Apple TV or general TV! 

Turning on air-play / Screen Mirroring via wireless wi-fi:

1. Tap and drag down on this icon in the corner on your iPad.

Ipad main screen. Upper right has a series of curved lines to show wi-fi. Text says to tap and drag down in this area.

2. On the drop-down menu that appears, select "Screen Mirroring".

Pop up menu showing screen mirroring option; black button with two overlapping rectangles, midway down left above bell icon.

3. On the pop-up list that appears select your desired device (such as AppleTV(Name)).

Screen mirroring submenu. Possible output devices in list as white text on translucent black. "Apple TV" is highlighted.

4. Tap outside of the area to close this menu(while seeing that your chosen device is active) to enjoy air-play!

Screen mirroring submenu. 2nd device in the list has white checkmark on right. Tap anywhere outside the box to continue.

Turning off air-play / Screen Mirroring via wireless wi-fi:
1. On the drop-down menu that appears from Step 1 above, select your desired device (such as AppleTV[Name]).

Pull down menu below wifi icon: screen mirroring on,  shown in white with blue text for device in use. Select this button.

2. On the pop-up list that appears scroll down and select "Stop Mirroring" to exit air-play!

Screen mirroring submenu, list of devices with "Stop Mirroring" in white at bottom. Select this button to stop mirroring.

Air-playing / Screen Mirroring via HDMI adapter: 
1. Make sure you have the proper adapter / convertor device such as this one picture for Lightning-to-HDMI (note other equivalents exist for USB-C or the older Lightning!):

Lightning-to-HDMI cable adapter for direct airplay. Other adapters function the same with different devices.

2. Plug the smaller end into your iPad.

Adapter has a small rectangular plug at one end, large rectangle at the other. Small end plugged into iPad at center bottom.

3. Plug your HDMI cable from the desired TV (it does not need to be an Apple TV!) in order to begin air-playing / Screen Mirroring!

HDMI cable from a TV plugged into left-hand port on the large end of the adapter.

The Jackbox Air-play / Screen Mirroring Controller:
Whenever an iPad version of any Jackbox game is air-playing / Screen Mirroring, it will look like this, with touch controls much like a gamepad equivalent!:

Gamepad controller onscreen, with a blue d-pad on the left, X (yellow), Y (blue), B (green), and A (red) on right.


If you have any problems, please contact our support staff by opening a support ticket or email [email protected]!


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