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Using custom or user-created episodes
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Custom Episodes

Drawful 2, Quiplash 2, Quiplash 3 and Drawful Animate have a “Make Your Own” mode that allows you to play the game with your own custom prompts, or prompts made by others. Here’s how it works! (If you're intimidated to start writing your own episode, our writers have some helpful advice in this article on our blog!)


Playing a Custom Episode

When someone publishes a custom episodes of Drawful 2/Drawful Animate or Quiplash 2/Quiplash 3, the game generates a seven-digit code for easy sharing. Something like “CTR-BLIQ”. Once you have a code, playing the episode is easy. Start the game normally, and enter the lobby. We’ll use Quiplash 3 in this example, but it works the same in Quiplash 2, Drawful 2 and Drawful Animate.


Screencap of the main menu of Quiplash 3, showing room code lower left. Room code is 4 large letters, GIUJ in this example.


The first player in the lobby (the VIP) will have the EPISODES MENU button. Hit that, then enter the custom episode code and press submit. Any episodes you’ve played previously will also be listed on this screen.

Quiplash 3 VIP controller, where avatar is selected. At bottom under cartoon characters is a dark gray "EPISODES MENU" button Episodes menu on controller, episode titles each on their own dark gray rounded button and "load by ID" field at top.


The lobby will change to reflect that the custom episode has been loaded. The rest of the game plays just like normal!

Quiplash 3 game menu showing title of the custom episode selected just below the room code on the lower left of the screen.


Making Your Own Custom Episode


But enough about playing other people’s goofy prompts. Here’s how to create your own!


NOTE: In most cases, custom episodes are cross-platform. So, an episode made on a PC will work on an Xbox One and vice versa. The one exception is PlayStation 4, which can only play episodes made on other PlayStation 4 consoles.


Choose the MAKE YOUR OWN option from the main menu.

Main menu for Quiplash 3. On left, large orange "PLAY" button. Series of blue buttons below, first is "Make Your Own".


Log into the Make Your Own Lobby by going to on your device and entering the four-digit code displayed onscreen.

Make Your Own lobby. Left: join at by entering room code. Right: once logged in, create a new episode or load one


Choose CREATE A NEW EPISODE and give it a snappy name. If you’ve previously made an episode, you can load it up for editing from this screen.

White entry box to enter a title. Black "create" button and character counter on right. Underneath is purple "close" button.


Then you (and any others who log in) can write prompts and add them to the episode. The numbers on the far right indicate characters remaining. The VIP (first player to log in) can delete prompts they don’t like by hitting the X next to the prompt.
Example prompt entry box; characters at right. Purple "done" button below. Finished prompt in black, white remove X on right  

Screen showing prompts in custom episode in black text on purple bubbles. Example prompt "a cool nickname for bob" is filled.


The toggle allows you to switch between a Regular or Thriplash (final round) prompt (in Quiplash 3). Tapping the icons at the top will hide prompts from the TV screen if you want them to be secret, or hide prompts other players type from your own device.

The prompt entry view on the controller, with the black phone and TV icons at the top. Phone is on the left, TV on the right.


Screencap of the prompts view with prompts hidden. The example prompt is now a series of gray blobs.


When you’re done adding prompts, press DONE. You’ll want at least 16 prompts for an eight-player game of Quiplash 2, or 12 prompts for a six-player game of Drawful 2. The game will use built-in content if you don’t have enough. You can enter up to 64 prompts, if you wish to play multiple times and avoid repeats.


Three different example prompts in black boxes at the bottom of the screen. "3/64" in black below the purple done button.


The next screen will let you EDIT (go back to adding prompts), PUBLISH (get a code to share your episode with others), PLAY (load your custom episode in the game lobby to play), DELETE (delete!), or go BACK TO EPISODES to see the list of episodes or make a new one. There’s no need to manually save an episode. It’s saved automatically as you make it. There’s also no need to make a game public by publishing it if you only want to play it locally.

Large purple buttons with white text read, in order, "edit", "publish", "play", "delete", "back to episodes"

If you choose to publish, you’ll have to agree to the terms of service. Then you’ll get a code that will let anyone load and play your episode! You can access Jackbox-created episodes via the Featured Content menu, as well.
List of episodes with author and date. Right of each is a "play" triangle. Selected one in dark purple, play icon outlined.



  • Custom episode titles are limited 20 characters
  • Custom prompts are limited to 120 characters
  • 64 prompts can be created per custom episode
  • Once an episode is published, it CANNOT be edited
  • 100 (unpublished) episodes can be saved locally to your console/PC. Unpublished episodes CAN be edited! 
  • You can report any offensive content by submitting the episode ID via support ticket here
  • PlayStation 4 can only play episodes created on a PlayStation 4. All other platforms can access all other custom episodes cross-platform.
  • Custom episodes created on PS4 can be played on all platforms, but any episodes created on a platform outside of PS4 cannot be played on PS4


Let support know if you have any further questions by opening a ticket or emailing [email protected]!


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