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How to find and clear save data on Mac
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It's possible sometimes that your Mac App Store, Mac Steam, or Mac Epic Game Store save data has become corrupted, which can cause game play issues. As an attempted fix you can try these steps to delete your save data. If you're on a platform like Steam or Epic that has cloud save data, please make sure you disable your cloud save data before deleting your local data.  


The location of game saves on the Mac platform can vary per platform, but should be in one or both of the following locations:


  • /Users/[your username]/Library/Application Support/Jackbox Games/[game title]/UserData.sav/​​​​​​
  • /Users/[your username]/Library/Containers/com.jackboxgames.[game title]/Data/Library​​​​​​/Application Support/Jackbox Games/[game title]/UserData.sav

Once you locate this file, delete it. Then try launching your game again. It should create new save data once you hit the 'Start' button on the first game screen.


Helpful tips:

  • Unhide your hidden files with a keyboard shortcut (available on MacOS Sierra and higher) - use 'CMD + SHIFT + .' while in Finder.
  • You can use 'CMD + SHIFT + H' to quickly get to the Users folder while in Finder.
  • 'CMD + SHIFT + G' will bring up a file path text field in Finder.
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