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How do I force stop or clear the cache on my Amazon Fire or Android TV device

Try these steps in order to "Force Stop" your app as well as clearing their cache via "Clear Cache" for your Amazon Fire or Android TV device.  This may aid the game in functioning with a fresh slate as some temporary files may persist between installations.

Steps to access the app settings:
1.) Select "Settings" from the home screen.
2.) Select "Applications" (for Amazon Fire) / "Apps" (for Android TV)
3.) Select "Manage Installed Applications" then the relevant app(for Amazon Fire) or the app itself (for Android TV) 
4.) Select "Force stop" then "Clear cache" in order to perform these functions.

(IMPORTANT NOTE: You may also access "Clear Data" as well as "Uninstall" from these screens. Please be aware that using "Clear Data" removes any local save data and game progress so this is not advisable unless instructed to do so.  For a further solution you may need to factory reset your device of  which the process depends on the platform and completely removes any accounts, apps, and updates. Please try other options and contact support( before utilizing these options) 

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  • 18-Oct-2019