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I'm having trouble connecting my device to the game
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If your game is connected to our servers, but you can’t connect your other devices to the game, here are a few solutions you can try:

  1. Refresh your web page
  2. Make sure the browser you’re using has cookies and JavaScript enabled
  3. Try again on a separate browser
  4. Disable any ad blocking software (they don’t always play nice with
  5. Disable any browser extensions that may be affecting your cookies or your browsing history (such as the Evernote chrome extension)
  6. Clear the cache, cookies, and history from your web browser, then close your web browser and reopen it (don’t do this while a game is running, or you won’t be able to rejoin!) (see Clearing Browser Cache and Cookie Data for further info!)
  7. Reboot your router
  8. Disable a VPN 

Keep in mind that rooted or jail-broken devices are not guaranteed to work with our games.

Additionally, your web browser has to support cookies, web-sockets, HTML5, and JavaScript in order to play the game. 

And as always, you can submit a support ticket or email [email protected]for additional help.

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