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My game keeps crashing! What do I do?
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The first thing to do when troubleshooting an issue like this is always to turn off the system you are using, letting it remain off for about thirty seconds, and then turning it back on again.


The next step is to try uninstalling and reinstalling the application that's giving you issues. It sometimes also helps to sign out of your whatever account is on your hardware and reboot your device again before signing in again between this un-install and re-install! 


If you're still having issues, and you're on a PC, you should make sure that you aren't overclocking any of your computer components. Also, make sure you have the most up-to-date drivers for your graphics card.


As an additional note: If you are brought back to the lobby of the game, look for an error message that mentions not being able to reach Jackbox game servers. If that's what you see, you're actually having connectivity issues, not crashing issues.


If you continue to experience crashing, please send us a support request or email [email protected] and we'll work with you to get the issue sorted out.

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