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I bought Jackbox merchandise, but I want to cancel or change the order. What can I do?
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When you buy a custom item like a t-shirt or mug from a post-game gallery (or directly from our merch webshop), those items are custom printed on demand  just for you! Your order goes through our printing company portal, where it is then printed and shipped by an individual vendor (which varies based on their workload and the destination). Because our vendors are doing their best to get everyone’s items to them as quickly as possible, there is only a small window where we can cancel or change your order. Once an order is in production, we cannot offer you changes or cancellations. This usually occurs within 12 hours after a purchase is made. Because these items are all custom printed specifically for you, we also cannot accept returns or exchanges. This is an agreement with our vendors. (Please note: if you purchased merch from our shop with our partners The Yetee, you will need to refer to their information for help.)


Here’s what to do, depending on the change you need!

  • If you put in an incorrect or incomplete address: contact us as soon as possible with your correct shipping information, as well as your order number if you have it, so we can update your information before shipping. Once your order is in production, we may not be able to update it; and we cannot redirect your order after it has shipped.
  • If you accidentally ordered the wrong size or quantity: due to how our vendor system works, we can’t change shirt sizes, or the number of shirts you ordered (if, for example, you ordered 2 and wanted 1). However, we may be able to cancel your order and help you create a new one in the correct size.
  • If you bought merch by mistake: if you reach out to us immediately, we may be able to cancel your order for you. However, note that once the shirt is in production, we cannot cancel it or offer you any refund.


Again, time is of the essence! The sooner you contact us via support ticket form or email the more likely it is we can make the corrections, updates or cancellation you need.


If you are looking for a refund on a digital download for a game, please see: How do I request a refund for a game?

Note: we are unable to provide refunds for gift cards that were purchased on our shop.  

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