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I have a new computer, can I access my previously purchased games?
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Yes! It's not possible to transfer a game purchase across platforms; so if you purchase a Steam code, it will not work on your console. However, if you upgrade your computer, it's stolen, or trampled by a herd of elephants, you should still be able to access previously purchased Jackbox games since those games are linked to an account and not a device.


If you purchased a Steam code, via our webshop or elsewhere:

Install the Steam application on your new device, then log in to your existing account. You must use the same Steam account where your purchase was activated. Your previously purchased games will be visible under the Library tab, where you can click the blue "install" button to install them on your new device.


If you purchased via the Apple App Store:

Open the App Store, then click your name or sign in at lower left corner to display your purchased apps. Click on the cloud and arrow icon to download on your new device. More details via Apple here:


If you're not certain where you purchased: contact us by opening a support ticket, or emailing [email protected] and we will attempt to locate your order. Please note that we can only locate purchases made through our webshop. We do not have any access to other platforms' order systems and may have to refer you to their support.

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